Did you(r team) celebrate on Easter or just work it?

All over the country last weekend was a big deal. For many local churches this one of the biggest sundays of the year. It is the culmination of months of planning. Some churches also go all out for Good Friday. Last ... Read more »

From ctl – Imperative Easter Prep Video

The great people at Church Technical Leaders with the help of Chris Brown have just released an encouraging video for everyone in Easter mode. If you aren't familiar with Church Technical Leaders, I strongly encourage you to sign up now. It ... Read more »


A new (free) tool for team development:

Need a real way to make the most of your team? Team development is an important leadership skill. Some people have a real knack for ... Read more »

Great Idea! Now write it down. How to remember everything and find it later.

Have you ever had trouble remembering something you thought you couldn't forget? We've all had that feeling of, 'I know I had a great idea about this... but what is it?' It's a common experience to run to the store ... Read more »

LOTR vs. The X-Men: What kind of team should you build?

Here at Exploded Box we are looking to help church production folk get better, faster, stronger through technology, leadership and grit. When you start out as a team of one you are given a special gift: you can build any ... Read more »

Goals: You need them even if you suck at them

Goals New Year's resolutions, goals, SMART goals, objectives, visions and there are plenty of other names for aiming higher. Personally I struggle with goal setting. Plenty of people do for various reasons. Goals are one way to end up where you want ... Read more »

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Post Zero: Time to Launch

Well Nate and I are finally hitting the launch button and we are very excited. Today I am going introduce the site, lay out our ... Read more »

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